Adrienne Jerram

Adrienne Jerram

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ten reasons why

Feb is nearly over and it's time to celebrate the fabulousness in our lives. Here re the top ten reasons why Amelia (my daughter) is awesome **

  1. She is the best, most loyal friend anyone will ever have
  2. She will never tell your secret to anyone
  3. She describes herself as 'not short, just fun sized'
  4. Her Facebook comebacks make me LOL
  5. There is no one in the world more patient with children
  6. A letter from my 92 year old, dying,Grandmother is one of her most precious possesions
  7. She loves the Beatles
  8. She knows the moves to every dance
  9. She found fun at an 80th birthday party
  10. She cares about the important stuff 

Last year her teacher wrote on her report 'the classroom is a better place because Amelia is in it'. I think my world is better because she is around.

** For those interested Amelia chose today's topic

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