Adrienne Jerram

Adrienne Jerram

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fitchick challenge: Jackie

Today I nearly got beaten by a chick named Jackie. Jackie is big, Jackie is aggressive and Jackie is mean, in fact some would call her a monster. Jackie is the name of a crossfit work out of the day.

For those who have never been crossfit has a number of landmark workouts named after women (how and why seems to be a mystery), and other 'hero' workouts that are named after fallen soldiers.

I will probably never know who Jackie actually was but if I did get to meet her I would probably have to slap her. This is the Jackie

1000m row
50 thrusters (a new form of torture consisting of a squat that goes straight into an overhead press)
30 pull ups.

Seems simple, or at least it did when it was first explained to me.

But these crossfit workouts play on you psychologically more than physically. The row is designed to exhaust you, so by the time you get to the thrusters your hamstrings have turned to jelly and your heart rate is up. The thrusters then take an interminably long time. You end up breaking them down, first ten at a time then seven, then five, until you get through them. Then come the pull-ups, you are so relieved to give your legs a rest that you forget your arms had to do all that rowing and then all those presses. Again you have to break them down and as you approach 30 you have to do those pull ups as singles, with rests in between.

I was disappointed in the end that it took me so long, but then again proud that I didn't have a giant dummy spit and walk out half way through. I kept going, and didn't let Jackie beat me.

The great thing about crossfit is that my time will be recorded, and I can come back to this work out in two three or four months time. And when I do ... I'm going to give that Jackie a huge dumbbell slap.

Want to see what the workout looks like check out this link

(This guy makes it look easy, believe me it's not)

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