Adrienne Jerram

Adrienne Jerram

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ten things I like about me 4: I'm creative

I've always admired sculptors and their ability to eek a form from something previously shapeless. I marveled at their skill that I so obviously lacked. For years I thought the Gods of creativity had denied me. Then, thanks largely to a broken heart, Kate Walker and Jo Cohen I discovered writing.

I have the stories I want, no need, to write lined up in my head like peak time buses down George St. Some of them I've written. Others I just toss around my head whenever I have a spare moment.Some are fleeting, I've no sooner thought about them than they're gone. Others are more persistent, sleeping  most of the time, only to poke their heads out from under the covers whenever my life gives them a nudge, whispering their stories with deafening clarity and voice.

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