Adrienne Jerram

Adrienne Jerram

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The year of no more: Eight pieces of clothing challenge

From when I was a teenager I've fantasised about being the kind of person who wore minimal selection of clothes and always looked super sophisticated. I've always wanted to travel with carry on, to take a six month trip with only three changes of outfit, to have space in my wardrobe and to pair down the choices I have to make when I get up in the morning

Now I have my chance tomorrow, I'm going on a fashion fast and will only be wearing eight pieces of clothes for six weeks.

I'm challenging myself so I can see how much I can do with only a few clothes, and to raise awareness of the Labour behind the Label cause (a campaign that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry). There are only a few rules to the challenge:

1. Included in the challenge is all items of 'outerwear' clothing

2. Not included in the challenge are pyjamas, workout clothes, underwear, shoes and accessories.

Obviously I've had some time to chose what I was going to wear. I had to take a lot of things into consideration, including comfort, coordination (every piece had to go with every other) durability, drying time and style. This is what I came up with

1. Thomas/Hulston Blouse. I love the colour of this blouse, and it's long so will also substitute as a dress. It's a risk because it's light in colour and I am inept with a knife and fork. It may also be difficult to keep looking fresh … but I love it.

2. Thomas/Hulston Calf skin skirt. Neutral and gorgeous and hard wearing and fits so well. Not to tight around the middle and finishes in a nice place above my knees.

3. Lulu and Rose loose white tank. An old favourite with a little sparkle. it makes my shoulders look good, which in turn makes me feel good, and who doesn't want that.

4. Rag and Bone tank.  Again  … shoulders comfort. Love Rag and Bone.

5. Fleur Wood Pants … so very cool and comfy. I have a lot of Fleur Wood in my wardrobe. It would have been a crime not to include one of these pieces. I'm just a little shorter than the model so they come down to my ankles.

6. Gorman Skinny jeans. I wasn't going to include jeans in my pick, and then I realised that was crazy. These are fun and make my ass look good. They work with my vans, sandals, nikes and with heels. 

7. Forever 21 Shorts - What can I say about these shorts. I've had them for two and a half years. They were bought for my 21 year old daughter not me, they are black and gold glitter boucle, they are technically hot pants. I should hate them but I love them. I wear them out to parties and dinner parties and the cinema in summer and winter. They look as good teamed with a tank as the do a black polar neck and black tights.  They are fun. I might now be able to wear them to work, but they are by far my favourite (and one of the cheapest) things in my wardrobe. I always feel amazing when I wear them. 

8. Black Rag and Bone blazer.  It's gorgeous, classic and fits brilliantly. I'm sure I will wear it everyday. 

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